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Agile product team & me

My Role

Research, UX & UI, user testing


One of the projects I worked on in the past, was creating a widget-like system that would allow our clients to easily integrate in their website and that would fit their branding perfectly.

The main requirement was that it would work for three types of clients:

  • Low budget clients who want to sell tickets quickly and easily, without configuring too much and with little to no development background;

  • Normal budget clients who want to sell tickets on their website but might want to change a step or two from what we would propose;

  • Big budget clients who want to sell tickets on their website and who want to fully customise that experience.

The system would be attached to a back-office platform in which those clients can configure their sales and possibly in the future can configure the whole widget.

We started creating this project for our clients that were using an older version of our webshop solution, hosted on seperate websites. But we also were targeting new clients who weren't interested in that solution and wanted a modern and simple solution.


Field research

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Sketching and testing

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Result & Retrospective

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